Times Colonist: Letters spell out top priorities for NDP government ministers

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Lindsay Kines
July 24, 2017

Reforming campaign finance laws, freezing B.C. Hydro rates and developing 114,000 units of affordable housing are among the priorities Premier John Horgan has told his cabinet members to pursue.

Horgan’s mandate letters to his ministers were published Monday afternoon.

The letters, in many cases, reiterate NDP campaign promises and highlight priorities, including relief for families from rising costs and fees; improved health care and education; and good jobs and economic opportunity throughout the province.

They also remind ministers to make a priority of consulting with the Green Party on major topics, in line with the agreement the two parties reached before the NDP minority government was sworn in. “This agreement is critical to the success of our government. Accordingly, the principles of ‘good faith and no surprises,’ set out in that document should also guide your work going forward,” the letters say.

Some of the highlights:

• Melanie Mark, Advanced Education, Skills and Training: Eliminate fees for adult basic education and English-language learning programs; eliminate interest on B.C. government student loans and establish a $1,000 completion grant to provide debt relief to B.C. graduates.

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Read Melanie’s mandate letter here.