Meet our team

Our team shares a love for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant. Have you had a chance to meet them yet?

Hilary McNaughton  spends a lot of her time in the office working with constituents. She values collaboration, empowering people, and strategizing together to find solutions. She’s an attentive listener, keen organizer, and creative thinker. Hilary loves the variety of amazing small businesses, parks, and community hubs across the neighbourhoods of VMP—especially the food! You might see her out grabbing donuts, sharing a plate of Ethiopian food, browsing the specialty grocer’s, or walking down the street with a slice of pizza. Most of all, Hilary cherishes the vibrancy of VMP’s overlapping communities. She is also the office plant mom!

Carven Li spends time in the office with constituents and goes out with Melanie to support her in outreach work. He speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, and, enjoys learning more of both languages in Vancouver’s Chinatown. He loves the exciting neighbourhoods of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and is passionate about making news and information on local government services accessible to constituents. When he is not at work, he likes to go get a karaoke room with his friends and sing his face off, cook for friends, spend time with youth at a community centre youth program, and look at the world on Google Earth. If you see him in the office or out in the community, like at one of the public mah-jong games in and outside of Chinatown Plaza, do say hi!

Amy Ryder spends her time in the office helping constituents and listening to their concerns. She believes strongly in the benefit that providing a safe space for constituents to come to can provide. On her lunch breaks, she loves to explore the area around the office, checking out the stores and food that Commercial Drive has to offer. Amy deeply treasures the vibrancy of the different cultures in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and believes that from the Italian bakeries near the office, all the way to Chinatown, the diversity of culture on display is what makes Vancouver-Mount Pleasant so unique. When not working, Amy likes to read and work on getting young people involved in the political process.