Restoring fairness and stability to British Columbia’s worksites

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Greater protections for workers, job security, labour rights and stability for employers are the focus of amendments to the Labour Relations Code.

“For many years, B.C.’s workers have seen employment rights and job security seriously threatened. And yet the Labour Relations Code hasn’t had a substantive review since 1992,” said Harry Bains, Minister of Labour. “Between rapidly evolving workplace environments and a concerted attack on labour protections, too many hard-working people are struggling to get ahead or plan a future for themselves and their families.

“By bringing in changes to the Labour Relations Code, we will ensure better protection of collective bargaining rights for workers in British Columbia and promote more stable and harmonious labour relations for employers and unions.”

The changes to the Labour Relations Code support the recommendations put forward by an independent review panel after a thorough public consultation and engagement process last year with labour organizations, businesses, industry, individual people and legal professionals.

These amendments are an important step forward in restoring fairness to labour relations in B.C. This includes ensuring workers, who have built up fair wages and job security over years of hard work and dedication, do not see those stripped away when contracts are re-tendered.

“These amendments to the Labour Relations Code are critical to improving working and caring conditions in nursing homes and in our hospitals,” said Jennifer Whiteside, secretary-business manager, Hospital Employees’ Union. “By expanding successorship protections to include the retendering of contracts by health authorities and care-home operators, frontline health-care workers will be more secure, while seniors and patients will benefit from more stability and less staff turnover.”

To ensure the Labour Relations Code continues to meet the needs of workers and employers, an independent review of the code will now be required at least every five years.

Improving fairness for workers and ensuring balance in workplaces are shared priorities between government and the BC Green Party caucus, and are part of the Confidence and Supply Agreement.

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