About the proposed school closures

What schools are being considered for closure?

As a result of pressure from the province, the VSB is taking the call for school closures seriously, and East Vancouver schools have become the biggest targets for the VSB.

The VSB has developed a Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), approved by the board in May 2016. And in June, the board released a preliminary list of Vancouver schools under consideration for closure. At this point, no final decisions have been made, but the majority of schools on the list are located in East Vancouver. Families in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant (VMP) may be impacted the most by the government’s chronic underfunding of our education system.

In VMP, Britannia Secondary, Admiral Seymour, and Queen Alexandra are under consideration for closure. The only 2 secondary schools on the VSB’s list – Britannia and Gladstone – are located in East Vancouver.

With the City of Vancouver’s plan to increase density in East Vancouver, the province should be investing in our public schools, not making cuts.

How will families be impacted by the closures?

The school closures will undoubtedly have many negative impacts on families, and will further deteriorate the quality of education offered by our public schools. Some impacts could include:

  • Increased commuting time for students
  • Increased class sizes
  • The elimination of valuable community and educational programming, such as special arts and music programs, after-school programs, and gifted programs
  • Reduced supports for students with special needs
  • Job loss for teachers, school administrators, office staff, supervision aides, and custodial and cafeteria staff
  • Anxiety and emotional upset for students and staff impacted by the dismantling of their school communities

What’s next for the VSB?

Now is a very important time for people to speak out against the school closures.

In September, VSB trustees will decide whether or not schools from the preliminary list should in fact be considered for closure. In October and November, the VSB will engage in further public consultations. The VSB plans to make final decisions on which schools will close in December, 2016.

The VSB has stated that school closures could take effect as early as June 30, 2017.

The time to act against the school closures is now. Learn what you can do here.